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The story of this site began back in January 25, 2008 as a casual blog space for Japanese rock music news for friends and to share news on upcoming events around England. As the blog grew in popularity, the community also bloomed, and the first two members joined the team 8 months later. Over the years, the humble site attracted over 50 million views, supported and maintained by hundreds of writers and volunteers.

The website is responsive for both mobile and tablet.

The website is responsive for both mobile and tablet.

In 2015, the old blog was retired and I founded JROCK NEWS to move on to greater aspirations to bring even more exclusive content and features to the Jrock fans. JROCK NEWS seeks to provide up to date news to Jrock fans around over the world with the international team of dedicated and passionate writers. JROCK NEWS writers are spread internationally to bring local and global news about update tours, gigs and events in the Japanese rock culture to fans. We aim to bring people who love Japanese rock together from all over the world to share their love and passion.

The website which was originally hosted on Google’s platform Blogspot, took two months to prepare and move over to it’s own domain using WordPress. With music labels and artists promoting and supporting with interviews and exclusive content, we also pushed for more social media engagement via Twitter and Facebook which has over 8,000 followers each.

Since the launch, we have been supported by CD Japan, GAN-SHIN Records, JPU Records, Japan Discoveries and many bands.

JROCK NEWS - Interview with ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATI_ - https___www.jrocknews.com_2015_10_

Exclusive interview with ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION.

Exclusive content in collaboration with artists and labels:

Speak with Japanese fashion designers who style the bands:

Interview with Takeshi Kunimoto, the owner of KINCS

Interview with Takeshi Kunimoto, the owner of KINCS

And have the artists reach out and support our website:

We evened designed some games on Facebook to reach out to our followers:

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