A nicer workplace with Douglas Squirrel

Book design & website development

Book concept:
“Helping a Colleague to Change” was commissioned by Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Douglas Squirrel, who wrote this to help relationships between colleagues at work. Taking on a storybook style, it features woodland characters roleplaying a scene at the office. The dialogue between the squirrel and the owl ends with a variety of solutions which can be applied to real-life situations.

From the hand-drawn illustration of the bushy tailed squirrel, to the vibrant book cover and intricately detailed spreads, each page has been crafted to delight the reader. Ultimately this book, the first of its series—is to help readers realise different levels and methods of empathy and understanding for humans to get along. The production of the book took place in Rotherham, and was printed on a unfinished textured paper to give it the same tactile as the traditional storybooks we love.

This book was the beginning of branding possibly one of England’s most amazing consulting CTOs who genuinely cares about people and what they do. People in the UK and America are enjoying this book Douglas hands out at events, conferences and talks he hosts to help people improve their interactions with colleagues, which is often a delicate and difficult situation to tackle.

As well as the book, a website was commissioned to create a new mobile-responsive website to align with this new style direction. Using the minimal amount of code and styles, our aim was to write the cleanest code possible for optimum user browsing experience. Please take a look at his website: douglassquirrel.com