“Constellations” album art

Constellations is an album by Japanese metal rock band Esprit D’Air, released on June 30, 2017. This album and the artwork I painted digitally have been featured on TeamRock, Kerrang! Radio and MYM magazine and sold across HMVs across the UK. The inspiration for the artwork from the covers to the 12-page booklet used textures and colours from deep sea landscapes, sandstorms of deserts and northern lights.

The main challenge for this project was to maintain the surreal theme set by their previous releases and keep to a similar art style. Following on from their singles Rebirth and Guiding Light, the artwork for Constellations portrays a journey using geometric forms in a surreal environment, but on a bigger scale to represent the feeling you could expect from the music.


“When people think of rock and metal music, they will conjure dark and dreary images, but we wanted to convey belief and hope by using the warm and cold hues in the broad spacescape. The image of the light beaming over the horizon reflects our faith in the world, and our wish to lift the listener’s soul and mood with our music. In our twelve-page booklet, we’ve highlighted other-worldly beauty on this planet Earth, incorporating a lot of textures and colours from the Northern Lights, mountains, the oceans to eclipses.” – Interview with TeamRock

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