Recording Esprit D’Air Paris Live 2016

On December 17 I joined the Esprit D’Air team to support the recording of their live performance at Le Trianon, Paris alongside Rêve de Machine with vocaliod singer ALYS. With a projected crystal at centre stage, I captured their live performance in front of an excited audience of over 1400 […]

Editing and styling for Esprit D’Air

Post-production and stylist assistant for Japanese rock band Esprit D’Air photoshoot and video shoot for their single “Rebirth”. Going for a space theme to complement their direction of music and vision, the background takes on a gradient background with hints of blue and purple alike the northern lights. Watch the […]

Top navigation? Why not bottom navigation in web design?

Working as a web designer in and out of agency, when designing website, 10/10 times I would create a navigation which attaches to the top if not the sides of the browser. It’s the norm! Looking around popular sites, from social media, search engines, blogs to e-commerce, they have decided that a navigation […]